About Kozler

Kozler is an eCommerce Growth Consultancy specialising in building and growing brands on Shopify.

Which was founded out of Passion and Frustration

Our Passion

Zac founded Kozler because of his love for business and desire to help business owners achieve their goals. Growing up in a family of hardworking small business owners, he witnessed first hand the sacrifices and dedication required to build a successful venture. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Zac's Mother lost her battle with cancer. This experience taught him the preciousness of life and fuelled his determination to make a positive impact.


Starting Kozler was also driven by frustration. Taking over his family businesses after his mother passed and building his own successful ventures exposed him to the challenges of finding reliable support and navigating a tough economy. It became clear that there was a need for accessible and effective business assistance.


Motivated to learn and grow, Zac immersed himself in studying business, finance, and leadership. Now, with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Zac is committed to helping other business owners avoid the hardships his family faced. At Kozler, our dedicated team shares a mission to empower businesses of all sizes to reach their full potential.

"Business should be a force for good, creating value not only for owners but also the people they serve."

Zac Kohler