How to Create Discount Codes That Excludes Sale Items

How to Create Discount Codes That Excludes Sale Items


This article will show you how to set up discount codes on Shopify that only work for full priced items.

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Key Steps

Step 1: Create a Hidden Collection for Non Sale Items

The first step is to create a product collection that contains all your non sale items.
Navigate to collections and create a new collection

Name your collections Non Sale Items

You don't need any Description - as it will not be published on any sales channels.

Under Publishing Turn off all Sales Channels

Uncheck all the boxes and hit done:


Make the collection type automated:

Add condition (Compare at price) - (is empty)

You can add any other conditions that are relevant to your store if you like but it shouldn't be necessary. 

Click Save 

Create a Product Discount that only apply to Non Sale Items Collection

Now that we have a Non Sale Item collection all you need to do now is to create a product discount code that only applies only to your non sale items. 

Create Product Discount Code

NOT a Amount off order discount!!!

 Apply discount to only Non Sale Items Collection:

 (optional) Remove Discount Combinations: 

 If you don't want this discount to combine with other automatic discounts or discount codes, then make sure these boxes are unchecked


This discount will now only apply to your full priced items. 
If you have any trouble setting your discount up please feel free to reach out we would be happy to help. 
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by Zachary Kohler – May 27, 2024