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How to Set Up a Free Gift With Purchase on Rebuy | Quick & Easy Guide

A quick and easy guide to setting up a free gift with any purchase on Rebuy.

Step 1 - Setup Widget

Setting up a Gift with Purchase Widget:

  1. Navigate to the "Widgets" section.

  2. Click on "New Gift with Purchase."

  3. Choose "Create New Widget."

Configuring Widget Settings:

  1. Edit the widget settings:

  2. Review and adjust recommendations for settings. Decide whether to enable "Add to Cart Redirect" If not needed, choose "None" to keep users on the current page.

  3. Select items to be excluded:

  4. Carefully pick items that align with your campaign.

  5. Configure the option to "Remove Gift" Allowing removal is recommended to avoid customer confusion.

  6. Leave the widget placement unchanged.

  7. Avoid making changes to the advanced settings.

Step 2 - Setup Data Source

  1. Navigate to data sources in the widget setting and hit edit

  2. Make sure you are filtering out of stock products

  3. Filter input product is optional. Generally this will be unchecked, as there are just getting more of what they want with the free gift

  4. Setup data sources rules

    1. Use cart subtotal and Is greater than

    2. Select a specific product

Step 3 - Create Shopify Discount for Gift With Purchase Product

Shopify Plus using Line Item Scripts

  1. Click Create New

  2. Make sure your Script Type is: Line Item

  3. Set up Campaign Details

    1. Select Campaign: Conditional Discount

    2. Campaign Name: Name of your Widget

    3. Qualifier Behaviour: Discount if all qualify

    4. Customer Qualifier: None

    5. Cart Qualifier: None

    6. Discount Item Selector: Has Properties

      1. Click add new

      2. Use Key: _widget_id

      3. Use Value: The Widget id of your Rebuy Widget (found in your widget name in brackets)

    7. Discount to apply: Percentage discount

      1. Percent: 100%

      2. Message: (can be whatever you want) Generally we use: Free Gift With Purchase

        1. You just want to make sure it’s clear why this has shown up in there cart

      3. Maximum Discount: 0

        1. Unless you only want it to be a certain number of people that get the free gift

  4. Click Save

  5. Generate Script

    1. If you already have multiple scripts it will generate a script of all of them NOT just the GWP script. So either delete them or if they are all the scripts you need can just copy the script and create a complete new script on Shopify

  6. Duplicate your current live script or create a new script

  7. Add the GWP name to identify it in the script title

  8. Copy your Generated Script from the Script editor into the script source code. Adding it at the bottom of the script if a scrip already exists

    1. Using #(name of Widget) to identify before the new script to identify the code

Step 4 - Add GWP Widget to the Shopify Site

  1. Go to Widget in Rebuy

  2. Make sure the widget is set to live

  3. Click install

Step 5 - Test

  1. Open up an Incognito window

  2. Add product to cart to see if the free gift show up in the cart. Check for messaging and add discount options as well

  3. Checkout to make sure that it all flows through to checkout

  4. If something is not working, go back through the steps to make sure that you didn’t miss anything. If you can find the issues:

    1. Reach out to us and we can take a look

    2. Or give Rebuy support a message (they are super helpful most of the time)

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